24 hours love

Terms & Conditions

Article 1 – Organisation

This regulation lays down the terms and conditions of the contest "KOMONO- # 24hourslove" (hereinafter the "Contest") organized from 26/01/2018 to 18/02/2018 by the company KOMONO BVBA, having its registered offices at 2070 Zwijndrecht, Westpoort 11, registered at the Trade Register under number 0809.439.660, duly represented by Mr. Anton Janssens; hereinafter referred to as "KOMONO", the Organiser.

The Contest and its promotion are not managed nor sponsored by Facebook and Instagram. In this context, the Organizer releases Facebook and Instagram from any responsibility concerning all elements related to the Contest, its organization and promotion.

The entrant will hereafter be referred to as the Participant.

Article 2 – Timing of the contest

The contest runs from 26/01/2018 until 18/02/2016 included.

Article 3 – Participation and access to the Contest

3.1. Contest entry is only possible via the KOMONO Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/komono/ and announcement of the Contest is posted on Facebook and Instagram.

Participation in the Contest is limited to one entry per person (same last name, same first name).

3.2. The Contest is free and open to any person aged 18 or over, excluding the following legal persons and persons residing in the European Union: - the members of the Organizer's staff and their families, including cohabitants, living under the same roof; - commercial promoters, their staff and their families; - their advice in advertising and promotion.

The Organizer reserves the right to ask the winners for a certificate of employment or any other document proving that they do not belong to one of the categories above.

3.3. Participation is strictly nominative and each participant can not play under several pseudonyms or on behalf of other participants. In case of multiple entries under several identifiers made fraudulently, all entries will be rejected and considered invalid.

The Organizer will automatically exclude from the game any disloyal Participant who has used, among other things, script, software, robot or any other method allowing them to automate their participation without physical intervention.

3.4. Participation to the Contest is only by electronic means, which implies the use of an Internet line. No participation introduced by postal mail or any other method of transmission will be taken into consideration.

3.5. Participation in the Contest implies the express and unreserved acceptance of these rules, in all its stipulations, the rules of professional conduct in force on the Internet, as well as the laws and regulations applicable to games and contests in The European Union.

3.6. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude from the Contest and to sue any person who has tried to cheat, to disturb the smooth running of the Contest, or who has not respected these rules. In these cases, the participant who has been declared the winner will automatically be disqualified of any prize. In this case, the Organizer reserves the right to designate another winner.

3.7. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude any participation whose content is: - incorrect, vulgar, not in the spirit of the Contest; - defamatory, abusive, obscene, violent or inciting to violence, sexist, political, racist or xenophobic and in general, being contrary to the laws and regulations in force in the European Union, the rights of persons and good morals; - manifestly infringing on pre-existing rights of third parties.

The participants guarantee to the Organizer the originality of the published contents as well as the free and peaceful exploitation of the said contents. It is reminded that the participants must imperatively hold all the intellectual property rights relating to the downloaded creations.

As such, the participants guarantee in particular that they have obtained from any person who has participated directly or indirectly in the realization and / or the right to any right in the content, all the written authorizations necessary for the use and publication of the content in the website. part of this Contest.

The participants guarantee the Organizer, its representatives, its assigns and all the company’s members of its group against all claims, lawsuits or possible actions and against any conviction and disbursements having for object the published contents.

Article 4 – Terms of the Contest

To participate, you must:

Log in to your Instagram account (or create one for free). Upload your #24hourslove photo with your most inspiring love message including your KOMONO watch. Add the hashtag #24hourslove to your photo. Tag the KOMONO Instagram account (@KOMONO) on your photo.

Any image constituting an insult, a denigration, a libel of the Organizer, the other participants, of any third party or endowment or even contrary to the laws in force will be excluded.

Article 5 – Designation of the winners

The winners will be chosen by an internal jury at KOMONO, based on the following criteria: The quality of the photo. The creativity and originality of the photo. Consistency with the theme of the contest.

The jury's decision is final and can not be appealed.

1 winner will be chosen.

The name of the winner will be announced in comment of the post Facebook and Instagram comment no later than 21/02/2018 at 10:00.

No entrant will be eligible for a prize if they did not participate on Instagram before the closing date.

Article 6 - Description of the endowments involved

The prize contains an overnight stay, including breakfast, at Hotel Pilar in Antwerp for two persons. The winner can select its own date when they want to enjoy this prize. The winner will also receive a matching pair of sunglasses for two persons. The commercial value of the total prize will be around 260 EUR per person.

Article 8 – Personal data

In accordance with the Law on the protection of privacy with respect to the processing of personal data of December 8, 1992, amended by the Law of December 11, 1998 and the Law of February 26, 2003, the personal data of participants will be able to subject to processing, for the sole purpose of participating in the Contest and the awarding of the prize, and to meet legal and regulatory obligations.

This information may be communicated to service providers and subcontractors for the performance of work performed on behalf of the Organizer in the context of this Contest.

In accordance with Article 9 of said law, participants have the right to access, rectify, modify and delete data concerning them by written request addressed to the Organizer address.: KOMONO HQ – « Contest KOMONO » - Westpoort 11, 2070 Zwijndrecht, Belgium.

Article 9 – Promotion of the winner

The winner of the Contest agrees that their pseudonym and their answer will be made public on Facebook and Instagram as well as on the KOMONO website and / or on any other communication medium related to the Contest, for a period of one month from the date of the contest. announcing his gain, and without giving him any remuneration, right or benefit of any kind other than the awarding of his endowment.

In the event that the winner does not wish it, he will have to stipulate it by private Facebook message to the Organizer, within an imperative delay of 48 hours as from the announcement of his gain.

Article 10 – Contest Rules

The said rules are freely available on the Instagram account, in the bio, for the duration of the contest. It is also available on request, before 17/02/2018 included, to the address of the contest referred to in Article 8.

Article 11 – Amendment of the regulation

The Organizer reserves the right to cancel, postpone, extend, shorten or modify the Contest in whole or in part if the circumstances so require and without being liable in any manner whatsoever. fact.

Each modification made to the Contest will be announced on the Site and an amendment will be filed as this Regulation with the bailiff specified in Article 12 of this Regulation.

Article 12 – Responsibility

12.1. The Organizer's liability is strictly limited to the issue of the prize money actually and validly earned.

12.2. It is expressly reminded that the Internet is not a secure network. The Organizer can not therefore be held responsible for the contamination by any viruses or the intrusion of a third party in the terminal system of contest participants and declines any responsibility for the consequences of the connection of participants to the network. Via Facebook & Instagram.

In particular, the Organizer can not be held responsible for any damage caused to the participants, their computer equipment and the data stored therein, as well as the consequences that may result on their personal or professional activity. 12.3. The Organizer disclaims all liability in case of malfunction of the Internet, phone lines, reception equipment preventing the smooth running of the Contest.

The Organizer can not be held responsible in the event that one or more participants can not to connect to Facebook and Instagram because of any problem or technical defect related in particular to the congestion of the network.

The Organizer may exclude any participant and cancel all or part of the Contest if it appears that fraud has occurred in any form whatsoever, including computer in the context of participation in the Contest. In this case, it reserves the right to revoke prizes conferred to fraudsters and / or to bring the perpetrators of these frauds before the competent courts.

The Organizer will not be responsible for these interruptions and their consequences.

The Organizer can not be held responsible for the malfunction of the Internet network, nor for delay, loss or damage resulting from the postal and management services.

12.5. The responsibility of the Organizer can not be sought for any incidents that may occur due to the use of the allocations awarded.

ARTICLE 13 – Authorization and image right

The Participant authorizes the Organizer and / or its related companies in The European Union to exploit the photos and other works that would be submitted as part of the Contest criteria by the Participant, entirely, in whole or in part, commercially and not commercially through websites, social media pages (including the Site), the press, folders and / or brochures of the Organizer and / or companies related to it.

To this end, the Participant grants to the aforementioned entities an exclusive worldwide license on copyright, neighboring rights and other intellectual property rights in the aforementioned photos and works, and in particular the right to use photos and images of persons represented therein, to communicate them to the public, to display them, to reproduce them in any medium, to process and / or publish them, whether or not combined with the above-mentioned personal data of the Participant, for the purposes promotion of the current range of products and the offer of services of the Organization and / or its related companies for a period of one year after the closing of the Contest, without being entitled to any compensation or compensation of the Organizer and / or its related companies, other than the price at which the Participant would have been entitled if he / she won the prize.


Each Participant warrants that all photos and works that are sent as part of the Contest do not constitute an infringement of any third party rights, including the intellectual property rights of third parties. The Participant further warrants that, in his capacity as parent, guardian and / or representative, he / she has the mandate to grant the aforementioned rights of use to the image of persons other than the Participant who appear on the photographs and / or the works. The Participant will exonerate and indemnify the Organizer and / or the companies affiliated with it in the European Union against any damage they may suffer as a result of any action by any third party on the basis of its claimed intellectual property rights or other rights (including the right to representation and image) on or relating to photographs and / or works.

If any of the provisions of the present rules should be declared void or inapplicable, the other provisions will remain intact and valid. This provision applies to the extent that the law allows it.