Nick Haemels

25, Belgium


How did you came about studying fashion?
I have always been working with architecture and industrial design, but never felt fulfilled in an artistic way. Within fashion, I found this more artistic approach that I was always looking for.

How does fashion relate to your artistic side?
I enjoy the fact that you are actually creating something real. You have something coming from your head to your paper to finally, you make it into an actual object. It’s very much an ongoing process of designing, sketching, sewing, etc. I make everything so I can really go into the technical side of it all which is very interesting once you mix it with the artistic.

Why did you decide to study at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts?
I choose the Academy of Antwerp because it embodies my interest in fashion, design and art. You have this artistic approach which I was looking for at that time. It's also in Antwerp, my city, and it's probably one of the most affordable and really good fashion schools in the world.


What is your method in approaching fashion?
I'm a researcher; I can go really deep into a particular subject or theme. It can be either in a graphical way or more in a conceptual manner. These subjects then get combined within one larger story.

What was your approach in particular for the eyewear capsule?
I started putting together the collection after watching "Ex Machina", this really polished movie about artificial intelligence. The whole aesthetic is based on laboratories and has this very clean feel to it. The idea of playing with a mask for this project appealed to me a lot. I started to do research into the negative space of objects in order to create a new kind of shape.


What do you feel you have to contribute within the fashion system?
Besides an artistic sensibility, I also have a very technical point of view when approaching fashion. I come from an industrial design background and feel this is what makes me stand out. I’m always thinking how to change and improve certain standards.

What are your goals moving forward?
I hope I will be successful in what I’m doing, my biggest dream is to run my own company. Not necessarily in fashion, more in design. Maybe even collide both worlds, we will see what crosses my path.