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36 Hours in Japan, a photo journey.

Japan, a world apart, where a unique society blossomed, mixing contrasts of traditional and modern. The Japanese spirit is strong, friendly and incredibly welcoming. Traveling in Japan is a joy with many wow moments and let’s not forget about the amazing food.

Japan is exotic and comfortable at the same time. You're amazed every day by how the Japanese do things and wonder why we don’t do things that way back home.

This is the first of many journeys we will feature on our culture page, a selection from images taken by Raf Maes (@rafkomono), President and Co-Founder of Komono. Enjoy!

Tokyo travel lights

Car elevators

Geisha in Kyoto

Kinkaku-ji, golden temple in Kyoto

Best service in the world

Perfect pairing with sushi

Mount Fuji

The art of Tempura

Matsumoto train station

Sushi Kanesaka, Ginza


Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

Omotesando Koffee, Tokyo

Japanese workshop, Kyoto


View from Above, Tokyo

Tokyo Sunset

Tsukiji Fish Market

Pottery atelier, Kyoto

Rainy Tokyo nights

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