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SS16 Crafted Sunglasses

'Komono Crafted' is a portfolio of premium level accessories with high-end materials and details that deserve closer inspection. Each color, curve and component is an ode to authentic craftsmanship.

Komono Crafted SS2016 - Dreyfuss Black.jpg

The newest ‘Komono Crafted’ collection includes four exciting new colors: Black Marble, Black Sand, Concrete and Rose Dust. These aren’t colors you’ll find on any other spectrum.

They push the limits of what a color can be by taking into account the texture and three-dimensional details of the material.

They exist by the grace of Komono’s technical and creative innovation, which is why they are exclusive to the premium ‘Crafted’ range.

Komono Crafted SS2016 - Allen Black Marble.jpg


Komono Crafted SS2016 - Renee Rose Dust.jpg

Komono Crafted SS2016 - Bennet Concrete.jpg

Komono Crafted SS2016 - Clement Black Marble.jpg


Komono Crafted SS2016 - Stella Black.jpg

Komono Crafted SS2016 - Lulu Tortoise Demi1.jpg


Komono Crafted SS2016 - Vivien Black Marble.jpg

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