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Fall 2014 - The Places in Between

The most interesting places are often the places in between: the unclaimed territory when you pass from one point to the next. That moment when you’re still carrying your previous destination within you, even though you are already moving on to whatever comes next. This is the essence of a journey: not the starting point, not the arrival, but the journey itself.

This is where Komono is born and reborn: in a place where the boundaries are blurred. This is the place and time where Komonists like you and I will meet: that odd but enchanting moment when you feel at home in several places at once. Once you let go of what things are supposed to be, you open your- self up to so much more beauty. That’s why we don’t really think in seasons, either. Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. They are nothing but empty words once you realize that they are all transitions on a single journey from the now to the next. Besides, it’s always summer somewhere, right? It’s all a matter of how you look at things. Which filter you use to look at life.

Color is our thing, just like the way a warm Indian Summer sun is able to infuse the world with a warm, hazy glow of beautiful colors. Once you see it, you’ll get it. So take a look and feel free to join us on this amazing journey.

Images were shot by Guillaume Lechat, a French photographer who has been documenting life from behind the lens for more than 10 years.

"To me, a lot of natural light is really important, a lot of movement, and a lot of honesty."

The photos were taken at B&B ITEMS in Belgium, a traditional Knokke-le-Zoute house but redesigned by architect and furniture maker Lionel Jadot.

Styling by Marieke De Pauw. Hair and Make-up by Sophie Engelen.

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