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Why did you choose to set up shop in Brussels?
I think Brussels is a very lively city that has a cosmopolitan feel to it. I love the different dynamics that you can feel and see here.

How long have you been in the game?
I’ve been working in the tattoo business for 20 years now. I mostly focus on mythical and realistic designs, those are my signature styles. To be honest, I organically fell into the industry after meeting a few artists in the tattoo world, and the work immediately spoke to me. I really like designing and creating pieces for my clients. It’s very satisfying work. After 2 decades of tattooing, I still love it. I couldn’t imagine doing any other profession.

Do people often request a tattoo that refers to their lover/love story?
Yes, people regularly come in with a request like that. They mostly go for initials or matching designs.

And lastly, a final cheeky question: do you have a lover’s tattoo?
Yes, I do. But that’s why they invented laser removal, I guess!




ARTIST: Tobias Debruyn

Why did you choose to set up shop in Antwerp?
I was born and raised mostly in the Antwerp area, So I always had a close connection with the city and its atmosphere.

What is your signature style?
Classic and clean tattooing, with a little bit more detail and contemporary themes.

What particularly do you love about tattooing?
Drawing, painting and tattooing are the only things that truly relax me. I love the close contact with people: the trust they put in me is a great privilege. Besides that, I also adore the simplicity of tattooing. If somebody wants a piece of my work, we collaborate to make it the best it can be.

Do you have tattoos of your own that are linked to former lovers/love stories? 
Yes & no. Actually, she’s still mine. ❤❤

Could you imagine yourself in another profession?
Sure, I’ve done many others things. I’m a trained chef, I had a graphic design company for 10 years, and I’ve cleaned toilets too. I’ve seen it all!

Do people often request a tattoo that refers to their lover/love story?
Anything can be a lover’s tattoo. I prefer to do tattoos that are a bit mysterious – That way, any future lover won’t get upset! Tattoos can use a bit of mystery.

Do people often come in as couples to get couple tattoos?
Not too often. Typically tattoos are personal and express individuality. And I think that’s a good thing.


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