Dawn Till Dusk - Athens

The KOMONO #DawnTillDusk campaign celebrates living in the moment and being your most authentic self. We travelled throughout Europe to find people shaping the societies of tomorrow. From Athens over Berlin to Brussels and Kiev, these creatives share their favorite moments and offer a glimpse of what it means to be young today.

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A city of opportunity, Athens has become a gateway of Europe for young immigrants and artists alike. Slowly resurrecting from the ashes of the financial crisis, Athens currently enjoys a new wave of creative energy.



"It seems like everyone is moving to Greece now. There are so many French, English, of course the Greeks as well. It’s buzzing, there is a lot going on and it’s just exciting. For the first time in my life, I am proud about the country where I am from."
- Sofia, fashion designer


"When I moved here from London, a friend of a friend asked me to play with him. I didn’t have anything prepared so I just started jamming with the guy. We started doing this more regularly, we came up with the idea to make our songs really short and I would improvise the lyrics on the spot. I really love doing this kind of in-the-moment creation. Now we are with four people and I don’t play the guitar anymore, I just sing. We always play live, everything we do is improvised on the spot."
- Chris, musician


"Photography has opened up a lot of doors, I keep meeting new people and connecting with different types of communities. It started as me just wanting to create memories with friends or people that I met in general. Then it led to organizing these small shootings with a couple of my closest friend and from there, the ball just got rolling."
- Konstantinos, photographer



"People my age all experience the same thing in Athens. Everyone wants to do stuff and everyone is helping each other to be productive and go out and experience things. At the moment, I’m really into comic books, it’s something that has always been of interest to me but that has really developed since I started studying arts. Now that I live in Athens, I have more people to exchange ideas with and share my passion."
- Andriani, comic writer


"In my free time, I write about all things in life. Sex, love, sometimes something as simple as colors. A lot of my ideas come from my studies in psychology. I like talking to people and exchange ideas. All these I mix and combine with drawings."
- Alikitzifa, psychology student


"Athens can be a bit old-fashioned and traditional. We’re trying very hard to change this. The queer community here wants to make its mark and create a different kind of society, something more extravagant and open."
- Fedon, communications student



"I really want to make it into fashion, and at the same time, I realize I do not have the standard face or body for it. I like paving my own way, not listening to people who say I can’t be or do certain things. I want to push for more diversity in mainstream fashion."
- Evdokia, model


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