Dawn Till Dusk - Belgium

The KOMONO #DawnTillDusk campaign celebrates living in the moment and being your most authentic self. We travelled throughout Europe to find people shaping the societies of tomorrow. From Athens over Berlin to Brussels and Kiev, these creatives share their favorite moments and offer a glimpse of what it means to be young today.

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Home of KOMONO, Belgium boasts a variety of talent waiting to be discovered and a cultural scene that delivers a global impact well beyond its relative small size.


"Brussels is such a melting pot of different cultures and ages and ethnicities, languages as well. We always have this thing like ‘Oh yes, your Flemish, oh no you’re French speaking’. This is so old school, like none of us from our age think like that anymore."
- Tessa Dixson, artist



"I played my first concert ever in Le Botanique. Worst concert of my life, I was so nervous! It was such an experience. You’re very close to your audience and you see everyone singing your songs. That was very terrifying for me at the moment. A couple of weeks ago, I had my second concert here. It was so much better. And it was so nice to see because in a year I’ve grown so much and I felt so much more comfortable with myself, how I moved on stage. It’s nice to realize how much I’ve actually grown in a year. You usually don’t think about it and when it actually happens you’re like ‘wow, that’s so insane’."
- Tessa Dixson, artist

"When you travel and you come back to Belgium, you love the peace and how calm it is. There are less issues, it’s a bit less crazy than elsewhere. At the same time, Brussels is a city that’s very underrated, and it has a lot of potential. There’s so many talents that come from here that go to other places and then only get the recognition they deserve."
- Sarah, model / creative entrepreneur


"You only live once. I feel like I very much embody that phrase. I like experimenting and I like acting a bit crazy. If somebody is like ‘Okay let’s do this’ I’m like ‘Yeah, let’s go!’. I like a bit of adventure in life."
- Sarah, model / creative entrepreneur


"I’m most productive late in the evening because it’s silent and I can just disconnect from time or meetings. It helps to create this kind of freedom when creating or recording. I’m very reflective in my work. Kind of always thinking about music, life, how it affect people. I’m also a very melancholic person. Trying to find inspiration, to be inspired by people, by traveling, by everything that surrounds me. I really believe that everything, even a small detail, can give you inspiration."
- Lander Gyselinck, muscian



"I love riding my bike. It’s this moment that I can listen to music and zone out, you’re still actively doing something but you get in this trance. It’s this kind of semi-active concentration. It’s similar to studying drums. It’s very relaxing to me but it’s still requires some kind of effort. It’s very much about being aware of the process."
- Lander Gyselinck, muscian


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