Dawn Till Dusk - Berlin

The KOMONO #DawnTillDusk campaign celebrates living in the moment and being your most authentic self. We travelled throughout Europe to find people shaping the societies of tomorrow. From Athens over Berlin to Brussels and Kiev, these creatives share their favorite moments and offer a glimpse of what it means to be young today.

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Affordable, open, tolerant and buzzing, Berlin remains Europe’s capital of cool. Attracted by a low cost of living and thriving cultural scene, the city is a refuge for those searching alternative ways of living.



"They say Berlin is a playground for adults which it is but I also think it’s a place where people move to find themselves. I spent years here figuring myself out and becoming the person I am today. I now feel the most creative I’ve ever felt. I’m passionate about pushing myself and really focus on my personal work."
- Olive, stylist


"Germany always has this cliché of being like the country of rules and strictness and that is true for the most part. Berlin is kind of the exception though, it’s really this bubble where everything goes, and you can get away with anything."
- Edwin, architect


"I’m in a pretty excited part of my life. I just graduated from high school and am now applying for art school. I feel there is still so much to learn and experience."
- Luise, student



"Berlin is beautiful, at least if you’re an openminded person. It’s a very liberal city, you can meet a lot of random people you can just have conversation with."
- Alma, student


"I love the shift between night and day. There is something magical about the light and the feeling of being able to either start or end something."
- Ingrid, graphic designer/model



"I’m a colourful person. I don’t think I belong to one color and I like to change myself. I like to touch different cultures and I always want to be in touch with different and new things."
- Kosuke, architect


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