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Mexico’s roads-less-traveled

Komono ambassadors and perpetual globetrotters Nuria Val and Coke Bartrina have recently been navigating Mexico’s roads-less-traveled. Keeping casual time with our latest timepieces and experiencing the sights, cultures and customs through the lenses of our latest frames, our wayward Spanish amigos report back with vivid analog photos and anecdotes of la vida del viajero.

Initial findings support what we already assumed… Komono shades and watches pair well with cold Micheladas, Octopus, Papaya and the locals only locales of the Mexican landscape. By land and by sea, they avoided the tourist pitfalls and peeled back the palm fronds on some of Mexico’s best kept secrets. Cash exchanges with la policia were kept to a minimum and no stray dogs were brought home. Mission accomplished.

To keep up with Nuria and Coke on their meanderings and discoveries follow them at:
tumblr frecklesnur · instagram frecklesnur · cokebartrina.com · instagram cokebartrina

Nuria in Hierve el Agua (Oaxaca) - Coke in Oaxaca

Nuria somewhere in Yucatan

Coke in Tulum

Tulum - Hierve el Agua

Somewhere in Yucatan

Cenotes in Yucatan


Cenotes in Yucatan

"On the trail of Mexico's best-kept secrets."

Celestún (Yucatan)

Holbox Island

Laguna Rosada - Tulum