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KOMONO On Tour 2018

KOMONO On Tour 2018

This summer, KOMONO is proud to introduce its collaboration with Debusschere for its 2018 Festival Tour. Hitting 8 major European festivals (We Love Green in Paris, Splash in Berlin, Dour in Belgium, Best Kept Secret in the Netherlands, DGTL in Barcelona, Amcat in the Netherlands, Pukkelpop in Belgium, End of the Road in the United Kingdom) festivalgoers will be confronted with more than music and people watching thanks to the KOMONO X Pierre Debusschere mirror box.

In this art installation, the physical and virtual world will blend together, as people are projected into a music video directed by Debusschere, which they can later share on social media. The music video will showcase an array of different music genres and dance styles to create a unique interaction between spectator and artist. Here, Pierre Debusschere explains his vision and collaboration with KOMONO in more detail.

“Immerse yourself in music and dance through an interactive experience, developed by world-renowned creative director Pierre Debusschere.”

KOMONO x Best Kept Secret