Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

We are proud to introduce our collaboration with the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. An incubator for new talent and innovative design, the Academy has been on the forefront of global fashion since the rise of the Antwerp Six and remains one of its most influential voices.

Out of our mutual interest for experimentation and innovation, we present you a capsule created by five graduate students. With its exploration of innovative forms, search for new colour combinations and pursue for the original treatment of materials, the collection reimagines the eyewear of tomorrow.

This year’s graduate students and their exclusive collection.

Julie Kegels

Ingmar Patton Plusczyk

Luca Holzinger

Mohammed El Marnissi

Kaya Gayoung Lee

The most valued aspect of this internationally renowned programme is that it lets you experiment without limits in your thinking and working process.

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