Frequently Asked Questions

Concerning COVID-19


  • What payment method can I use?

    We offer the following payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Bancontact & PayPal.

    We use a security standard called 3D-Secure, developed by VISA and MasterCard. All information is encrypted using SSL encryption, which prevents unauthorized access to card details. Komono does not store card numbers after the transaction has been completed.

  • Was my order successful?

    If you were directed to the “Thank You” page after submitting your order, it was successfully received. Once payment is processed, you will receive an order confirmation to the email you provided at checkout.
    Tracking information is sent the first business day after the order was placed.

  • Why might my credit card be refused?

    Your credit card might be refused for any of the following reasons:
    • The card may have expired.
    • You may have reached your credit limit. Contact your bank to check you have not exceeded the authorized purchase limit.
    • You may have entered some information incorrectly. Check you have entered all the required fields correctly.

  • I just finalized my order. Can I change my order?

    Please contact Worldwide Customer Service at [email protected] as soon as possible in order for us to change or cancel your order.

  • Why don’t you sell your Opticals online?

    We do not sell our optical models online, since we believe that the assistance of a professional optician is essential for an outstanding purchase experience.

    We do sell opticals and prescription sunglasses in our Antwerp flagship store:

    KOMONO Antwerp
    Kammenstraat 46, 2000 Antwerp - Belgium
    View on map

    Or you can find your nearest Komono Official Optician using our Store Locator.

  • How can I get in touch?

    Please check our contact page for general requests or visit our Customer Service Page for all warranty, webshop & return requests. The estimated time of response is 24 business hours.

    Our offices will be closed on December 1 & 26 and January 2.

  • I want my order as a gift.

    We offer free shipping and free gift wrapping service for all European orders starting from November 25th - December 31.

    Please note all holiday deliveries are guaranteed on all US and European orders if placed by December 19th.

    Thanks for shopping at www.komono.com - Enjoy!

  • Why am I not receiving any mails from KOMONO?

    Please check your SPAM folder or contact us about this. We might have received a wrong e-mail address from you.

Delivery and returns

  • How much does shipping cost?

    We offer Free Shipping on all watches and sunglasses when your order is over €50. For orders below, we offer a low-cost shipping rate according to your location from €5 up to €15 maximum.

    Please note: local taxes and duties can occur. These costs need to be paid by the customer.

  • When will I receive my order?

    USA & Canada

    Region Est. Time
    USA 3-7 business days
    Canada 3-10 business days

    From Monday to Friday, all orders confirmed before 10 a.m. (PST) are handled during that day. You will receive a tracking number within 2 - 3 business days.

    Europe & Rest of the World

    Region Est. Arrival Time
    West-Europe 1-3 business days
    Rest of Europe 2-5 business days
    Rest of the World 2-7 business days

    From Monday to Friday, all orders confirmed before 8 a.m. (CET) are handled during that day. You will receive a tracking number within 1 - 2 business days.

    Delivery times may vary depending on where you reside. If you live in a remote place, delivery time can take up a few days longer.

  • Do you ship to my country?

    The Komono webshop with prices displayed in EUR ships to the countries below:

    Australia, Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, India, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

    When prices are displayed in USD then you are visiting our US webshop:
    We only ship within North America, which includes the United States and Canada.

    Please switch region in the footer in case you are visiting the US webshop but you wish to deliver your package outside North America.

  • How can I track my order?

    USA & Canada

    From Monday to Friday, orders confirmed before 10 a.m. (PST) are handled during upcoming 24 hours. You will receive a tracking confirmation email once your order has shipped.

    Europe & Rest of the World

    From Monday to Friday, orders confirmed before 11 a.m. (CET) are handled during upcoming 24 hours.

    You will receive a tracking number by the end of the business day when your order has been shipped.

    Please contact us if you have not received your tracking number. We’ll provide you with one, if your order has been shipped out already. If you have any questions regarding the delivery of your order please contact our customer service team at [email protected].

  • How do I return my order?

    For items purchased on our official webshop KOMONO offers an easy-to-use return service. Please note that all items must be returned in original, unused condition and within 14 days of receiving the goods.

    Don't worry - due to COVID-19 we extended our return policy to 30 days.

    Return shipping costs and all charges for customs clearance must be covered by the customer and are nonrefundable, except in case of warranty or incorrect item shipped by KOMONO.

    Once we receive the returned items, we will inspect and process them to ensure you receive what you want as quickly as possible. Your refund will be issued to original method of purchase. In the event we are unable to provide a suitable replacement, you will be notified via email and refunded.

    Gift Cards are nonrefundable and nonreturnable.

  • Something is wrong with the delivery, what to do?

    If your order is set on hold or needs to be updated with certain information, please let us know as soon as possible ([email protected]), so we can assist you in this.

  • I received a wrong style or a defect item, what do I do?

    Please contact our customer service ([email protected]) as soon as possible.


  • What is the warranty policy?

    All Komono products come with a 1-year premium warranty (2 years for European customers) if purchased from our website (komono.com) or from an official Komono Stockist.

    The warranty doesn’t cover the normal deterioration, battery, strap, loss or stole. Komono won’t accept any warranty claim if the watch presents signs of an excessive or bad usage. Click here for more information about our Warranty Policy.

    In case you are eligible to a warranty, you will receive a voucher with the value of the faulty item. This voucher will be deducted of your total at checkout and can't be redeemed in cash.

  • Don't have a valid warranty claim?

    Our recommendation is that you visit a local watchmaker or jewelry store so they can help you resolve the damage. In case they feel this is a valid warranty matter then please contact our support team for more information.

Product Information

  • What are the sizes of the watches?

  • Will Komono restock items which are 'sold out'?

    Yes, if an item is sold out you can request to receive notice when it restocks. We will restock the item as soon as possible.

  • Can I repair my defect KOMONO item?

    We don’t provide an inhouse repair service however we do have a limited amount of spare parts which could help you out -please contact our support team for availability. You can also visit one of our official retailers, who might be able to repair your item. Please check our Store Locator to find a store near to you.

    Please contact us on [email protected], if you need advice or assistance.

  • What does 0/3/5/10 ATM mean?

    ATM stands for atmosphere and indicates the water resistance of the watch. Below you can find more information on what you can and can’t do depending on the ATM of your watch:

    The Kate, Konrad and Moneypenny have 0 ATM water resistance. This means these watches should not come into contact with water.

    The Harlow, Lewis, Lexi, Magnus and Winston have a water resistance of 3 ATM. Please avoid wearing the watch when showering, bathing, swimming, diving, or any activity where it is directly exposed to water.

    The Mono and the Orson, have a water resistance of 5 ATM and can withstand splashes, shower and is suitable for swimming. They are not suitable for water sports, poolside diving or sea diving.

    The Walther has a 10 ATM rating and can be taken swimming at the surface or snorkelling at a shallow depth but cannot be taken scuba diving. Please note that if your leather strap is exposed to water, it can dry the leather and cause damage to the wristband, hence we advise to go swimming with the mesh band only.

    Rubber seals are used to seal the case against dust and moisture. Rubber can be affected by certain chemicals. Should water or condensation appear in the watch, have the watch checked immediately by a professional, as water can irreparably damage the electronic components. After any contact with salt water, immediately clean the watch with fresh water. If your watch has a push-down crown, please ensure it is pushed down at all times as water damage caused by the crown left unlocked is not covered under warranty.

    We recommend that you do not wear/leave your watch in a shower, sauna, or a hot bathroom as the extreme heat can cause the metal components to expand at a different rate to the rubber gaskets. This can create tiny openings that can allow water droplets to penetrate the watch.

  • Can I replace my watch strap and do all straps fit my watch?

    You can easily change your KOMONO straps with an easy click-on/click-off system which allows you to change the straps, this includes the Mesh straps. Not all straps are interchangeable since not all of them have the same width.

    Here’s an overview of the width of the straps, and which collections they fit:
    - Strap 20: Winston, Lewis, Konrad & Walther
    - Strap 16: Estelle, Lexi, Harlow
    - Strap 16.5: Estelle only

    How to change your leather strap?

    1. Pull the lever to the left side and hold this position.
    2. Turn the strap to the left, detaching the right side of the strap.
    3. Move the strap to the right to detach the complete strap.

  • How to apply my Nato strap?

  • How do I adjust the strap size of my mesh strap?
    1. Insert a flat screwdriver in the small opening of the clasp and tilt towards the watch case. Do not put the screwdriver underneath the clasp, this can damage the bar of the buckle.
    2. Adjust the position of the buckle to your desired strap size. Make sure the buckle is positioned on one of the premoulded ridges on the back of the strap.
    3. Close the clasp again and make sure the buckle is well secured.

  • Can I change the battery of my watch myself?

    We don't suggest replacing the battery yourself, as it requires some special tools and you could damage the watch. All KOMONO flagship stores or any watch repair shop or jeweller should be able to assist you with the battery replacement.

  • What is the difference between polarized and non-polarized glasses?

    Polarized glasses: They are designed to block or reduce the glare from reflected light. This can be caused by water, snow and glass. This glare can distort the true colour of an object and makes it more difficult to distinguish. The main difference is that polarized lenses are designed specifically to block the glare from reflected light.

    Non-polarized glasses: These lenses will only block intense light. Polarized or not, all our sunglasses block UVA and UVB.


  • What is sustainability and what does it mean for KOMONO?

    As a fashion brand, we feel this topic is very important as we have a social and environmental responsibility towards you and the people around you as well as to the future generations. We always aim to make responsible choices and make the maximum effort to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

  • How sustainable are the products you offer?

    Our black acetate frames are made of recycled acetate derived from cutouts of all sorts of acetate colors and reprocessed to create a fresh black acetate. Additionally, we have created a sustainable capsule collection called the NeutrØ - Click here for more info.

    Newly introduced in FW20, our Tie Dye watch collection is made of vegan leather straps.

  • What kind of materials do you use for the packaging of your products?

    For the eyewear we provide a soft pouch of which the outside is made of polyurethane, better known as vegan leather. The inside material and the cleaning cloth are made of recycled plastic from the oceans.

    Our generic watch packaging is made of recycled paper and water-based ink.

  • Where are your products manufactured?

    We work together with a curated selection of suppliers in China. Each supplier is subjected to an annual social audit and signs a code of conduct. Our team visits the factories several times a year and makes sure that everything is run ethically.

  • Which modes of transport do you use?

    Designed in Antwerp but produced in China, our products need to travel before they reach your doorstep. We generally do our best to send our large orders from China to Belgium by boat or by train as it consumes 90% less of CO2 than by plane. Even better news is that starting from January 2020, all our train and boat shipments are carbon neutral! If the timing is too tight and we have an urgent shipment which needs to leave, we will use plane shipments but we do try to limit these as much as we can.

  • How does KOMONO look at sustainability in the long term?

    KOMONO is about going off the beaten track. This spirit is embedded in our mindset, even more so, it is in our DNA. We believe that is where progress is made, innovations are created and new trends are born, both in our products and in our processes. It is a continuous re-evaluation and introspection on our business practices where we monitor the impact of our business activities on our environment and revise our strategy on how to minimize this impact.