KOMONO is about going off the beaten track. This spirit is embedded in our mindset, even more so, it is in our DNA. We believe that is where progress is made, innovations are created and new trends are born, both in our products and in our processes.

This mindset is also reflected in terms of sustainability where we continuously push ourselves by investigating and using eco-friendly, recycled and renewable alternatives throughout our company.

As a fashion brand, we don’t want to jump on the sustainability marketing hype, but we always aim to make responsible choices and make the maximum effort to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

KOMONO feels this topic is very important as we have a social and environmental responsibility towards our existing and future customers as well as to the future generations.

We know the road to sustainability is not smooth, a lot of ground has to be covered which we break down into four main blocks: product, packaging, transport and community. We are continuously analysing our internal processes and making step-by-step improvements.

Here you can find a few key initiatives which we have already implemented.

What do we do?


  • In 2016, we created (together with DSM) a sustainable capsule collection called the NeutrØ, made of the bio-based material EcoPaXX and bio-based nylon lenses.
  • Our black acetate frames are made of recycled acetate derived from cutouts of all sorts of acetate colors and reprocessed to create a new rich black colored acetate. We are continuing to look for more recycled and bio acetate alternatives for the coming collections.


  • Since 2019, we have moved away from using a hard-shell case for our sunglasses. Instead, we now offer a lightweight and more compact soft pouch enabling us to optimize the volume of our transport. The inside material of this pouch and the cleaning cloth are made of recycled plastic from the oceans. The outside is made of polyurethane, better known as vegan leather.
  • Our generic watch packaging is made from recycled paper, allowing us to consume less exhaustible resources.


  • Designed in Antwerp but produced in China, our products need to travel before they reach your doorstep. We generally do our best to send our large orders from China to Belgium by boat or by train as it consumes 90% less of CO2 than by plane. Even better news is that starting from January 2020, all our train and boat shipments are carbon neutral! If the timing is too tight and we have an urgent shipment which needs to leave, we will use plane shipments but we do try to limit these as much as we can.


  • Our HQ and some of our manufacturers use solar-powered energy to contribute to a sustainable world.
  • We also work with a local sheltered workplace to cope with our workload and increase our efficiency. This workplace offers meaningful and supported employment to people distanced from the labour market in order to further develop their labour competences and social integration.
  • Each of our suppliers are subjected to an annual social audit and signed a code of conduct. Our team visits the factories several times a year and makes sure that everything is run ethically.