Andy Rementer x Komono


In the limited "Curated by Komono" series, we offer up our wristwear designs as a canvas for surprising, beautiful and highly collectible artist collaborations.

Our first collection, the official "Komono x Basquiat" collabo, channeled the raw energy of an eighties pop icon into a high-end series of affordable accessory items.

The second name on the "Curated by Komono" billing isn't splattered all over art history books (yet).

Andy Rementer Visuals_2408x1324_HER-V3.jpg

Andy Rementer is a creative person from the USA. Growing up in a Victorian beach town, he is attracted to the past and loves hand made typography, vintage colors and flea market finds.

Andy’s colorful and vibrant work has been playfully knocking down walls between art, illustration, sculpture and design; turning anything from wrapping paper to one-off canvases into highly desirable objects. Komono just added wristwear to the joyfully expanding Andy Rementer universe.


Andy's work has been featured through a variety of sources including The New York Times, MTV, Urban Outfitters, The New Yorker, Warner Brothers, Creative Review...

Click play to watch the video below. Enjoy!

Photo of Andy Rementer by Ryan Greenberg.

Estelle - Andy Rementer copy.jpg

Estelle - Rementer - Her - flat.jpg

‘Her’ is a title and work that seems so simple, but you could read almost anything into it. Almost. It’s definitely about a girl. You can’t deny that. That’s why we chose the Estelle as its wristwear canvas.

Magnus - Rementer - City - flat.jpg

Magnus - Andy Rementer copy.jpg

‘City’ doesn’t need colors to be bold. It’s all about ‘more’: every inch of the canvas packed with urban sprawl. The size of the Magnus seemed the best choice to do the unapologetic presence of the work proper justice.

Winston - Andy Rementer copy.jpg

Winston - Andy Rementer - Him - flat.jpg

Compared to ‘Her’, the ‘Him’ artwork is more masculine and a bit rougher around the edges (a clattering subway cart instead of a plane soaring across a blue sky, dirty puddles on the pavement...), so the street-proof Winston seemed like a perfect match.


Andy Rementer Visuals_2408x1324_CITY.jpg


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