KOMONO x Antwerp Fashion Department 2019


We are proud to introduce our collaboration with the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. An incubator for new talent and innovative design, the Academy is one of the most influential voices in fashion today. Out of our mutual interest for experimentation and innovation, we present a capsule created by these four master students. Discover their capsule eyewear collection linked to their personal work for SHOW2019.

Grace Hyejin Kim - 26, South-Korea


I understand and pay attention to things that most people don’t see and use these observations and ideas to enrich my collection. Detail is very important for me.


Linus Leonardsson - 22, Sweden


Through clothes, you are able to tell a story and especially here in the Academy, you have the opportunity to create a whole world around it.


Quinten Mestdagh - 23, Belgium


If something is very visual, I start thinking about how to translate that into a fashion context. Everything that I get inspired by, is somehow linked to fashion.


Nick Haemels - 25, Belgium


I'm a researcher; I can go really deep into a particular subject or theme. I’m always thinking how to change and improve certain standards.