Arcin Sagdic


A coherent interaction of my questions, fears, hopes and dreams.


The work of Arcin Sagdic can appear quite hermeneutic. Drawing the viewer in thanks to visual ambiguities and a strong emotional quality, there’s always a level of opaqueness and mystery.

Arcin’s photography – influenced as it is by electrodynamics, philosophy and experiment – is food for thought, just like his own elucidations on it. As a photographer, he likes to keep his options open, doesn’t like to be pigeonholed. When talking about his images, he ventures into abstract musings that, all the while, totally capture the mood of his work. He sees his own aesthetic signature as “a coherent interaction of my questions, fears, hopes and dreams.” He continues: “It can also be described as an escape from reality. Looking for the ultimate balance in life.”

His frequent use of lighting effects, distortions and uncanny compositions are what makes Arcin’s work stand out. He’s not out to create a simulacrum of real life, instead, he aims to put “the protagonist into this surreality I always had in mind.’



These surreal worlds can range from a view on our cultured age where beauty could be bred in laboratories for a Numéro Homme Berlin editorial, to detail shots of raindrops or eye movement. In each instance, it’s a fascination with imaginary worlds within the awe-inspiring “real” universe that drives Arcin and that determines how he views things through his peculiar lens.

‘It’s amazing to see how people start interacting freely in this world. Like how organs suddenly start interacting, so it all grows into an organism, developing its own thoughts.” He adds: ‘Of course in a metaphysical way!’


In both his still photography and his motion work, Arcin succeeds in translating this vision, which he also characterizes as ‘transitioning wavelengths with frequencies’. With his video, he merges and harmonizes a visual world with sounds, he says. But for both it’s about a similar emotion, a ripple in time to capture.