Cork Series This new, eco-friendly Komono showstopper uses the natural elasticity and patterns of genuine tree bark to create an organic look that pops. The Komono Cork Series are available in the Estelle and Winston designs.
Winston Regal Chestnut The modern, colorfully expressive branch of the Regal watches or the classic versions that stay true to their more traditional roots.
SS16 Video This season, we're set to Tokyo time. So simple and efficient yet so complex and sophisticated.

Komono culture

When you create a collection with modern nomad Baloji, you know you’ll be going places. One of those places was the Fondation Cartier in Paris, where Baloji took the opportunity to showcase his Komono sunglasses inspired by Congolese beauty and history.

Baloji & Komono at Fondation Cartier, Paris

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Komono is proud to introduce the second collaboration with Belgian fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine ‘Belmodo'.

Komono presents the Belmodo sunglasses

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The Estelle has earned its stripes as the most elegant and feminine of all the Komono designs. That’s why we are releasing a brand new classic Vichy print pattern exclusive to the Komono Estelle design.

The Estelle Vichy

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