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Magritte x Komono

Komono and Magritte blend together like a deep blue sky and a fluffy white cloud. The connections between Komono and Magritte are both deep and meaningful. Both were born in the epicenter of surrealism: the kingdom of Belgium. His entire life, René Magritte acted as a surreal force field that warped our perception and opened up new borderlands between reality and illusion.

"René Magritte was one of the leading figures of 20th century Surrealism."

His deceptively simple juxtapositions of day and night, of ordinary things in an exceptional context created a unique visual language that remains instantly recognizable and unparalleled to this day.

Komono feels a kinship to Magritte that extends beyond their shared geographical birthplace: we are also fond of ignoring the ‘rules’, placing the common fashion accessory in an exceptional context, creating unexpected combinations and blurring boundaries between high art, fashion and design.


The dream-like, surrealist style of Magritte is translated into six unique watch designs. All watches have a unique printed wristband with leather details of an embossed Magritte signature. Each piece depicts a different detail of a particular Magritte painting and comes in a unique, limited edition Magritte packaging.

The entire capsule collection will be available starting May 4th 2016 at selected online and offline retailers.


© C.H./ADAGP, Paris 2016

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