KOMONO introduces NEUTRØ Series Eyewear

KOMONO thrives on innovation. We are constantly pushing boundaries, looking for new styles, new ways to develop better products in an ever-changing world. The NEUTRØ series is the result of this constant quest for innovation: qualitative, well-designed eyewear made from a carbon neutral material,” explains KOMONO founder Anton Janssens.

"Contemporary style. Consciously designed."


Contemporary Style

The collection infuses four classic KOMONO styles with NEUTRØ EcoPaXX® technology: Francis, Vivien, Harper and Devon. All NEUTRØ styles feature gradient bio-lenses and sustainable frames available in two colors: sand and black.


Stylish Sustainability

The NEUTRØ series has a reduced carbon footprint, a result of KOMONO’s collaboration with Dutch science-based company DSM Engineering Plastics. Together, they found a way to base the NEUTRØ designs on EcoPaXX®, a product derived from the sustainable castor bean. This new material has been developed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions commonly associated with human activity and industry production, an innovation that can help us protect our planet for the next generation.




Aside from its stylish sustainability, the NEUTRØ series stands out because of its flexible material, resulting in increased product durability and impact resistance. Its lightweight construction ensures optimal comfort.


1 — Sourced from the Castor plant, castor beans are a crop cultivated in India. The crop can grow on poor soil. Castor beans do not compete with the food supply chain as they are not for human or animal consumption and on top, provide a stream of income for local farmers.

2 — Using this castor bean as a substitute for fossil fuels, DSM Engineering Plastics developed EcoPaXX ®, the material on which our KOMONO NEUTRØ series is based. We are proud to say that EcoPaXX ® can be recycled and used in a cradle-to-cradle closed loop.

3 — With style and sustainability in mind, NEUTRØ is introduced within four both classic and new KOMONO styles: Francis, Vivien, Harper and Devon, which come in two distinct color options: Sand and Black. When compared to traditional sunglasses, the NEUTRØ Series excels in being lightweight, comfortable and more impact resistant.

4 — Next to the sustainable frame, we provide the NEUTRØ series sunglasses from gradient bio-lenses and a recycled cloth, booklet and case.

5 — The end result? A lower enviromental impact, happy farmers, and a fashion forward/eco-conscious.

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