My inspiration for this collection is from female surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim. Oppenheim achieved a surrealist goal by freeing fur from covering saucers, spoons and teacups from their original function as consumer goods. In the 1930s, a lots of female artists entered surrealism art world, bringing many works with unique female perspectives.  The introduction of these perspectives is a huge act of aggression against the male-dominated art world at that time, as this fur cup, through an unexpected overlay, completely changes the inherent order of the object.

Based on the influence of these female surrealist artists, my master collection aims to destroy the excessively rational order in society. The imagination of the inherent shape of the object. It presents a sense of contradiction full of tension between imprisonment and liberation.


The clothing of the collection, this is a womenswear collection that uses unnatural forms to break the classic men’s clothing silhouette. To show the other side of the traditional order, inflating and shrinking techniques are used a lot in collection to break up the form of the garments to present a surreal collection.


The inspiration of this sunglasses also comes from presenting a gentle aggression, invading a classic frame with a inflated form, making it present a surreal form.

As seen on the catwalk – Black

As seen on the catwalk – Mauve

As seen on the catwalk – White & Blue