KOMONO x Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp 2022

After four successful editions, KOMONO is proud to introduce this year’s collaboration with the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

We worked together with IGOR DIERYCK and JIYEON TAK from the Fashion Department in the creation of eyewear pieces part of their master’s final collection. The result is an outspoken collection that bolsters the fresh vision of tomorrow’s top designers

Together bringing the future forward.

The Yessir Collection

The YESSIR collection is inspired by a reflection on the place of hotel staff within their establishment. Through firsthand experience of working at a reception of a hotel, Igor saw the wide variety of complex and subtle relations between the different protagonists sharing the space of a hotel lobby.

The main objective of Igor’s collection is to highlight those who, too often, are ignored and concealed by a system that does not give them the place to be powerful. The eyewear element of his collection is inspired by the shape of a champagne glass, served by a waiter. The 2cm depth of the frames translates the metaphorical distance between the waiter and the customer whose eyes often go straight to the champagne not to the person serving it. The eyewear becomes a detail in highlighting the overall dialogue of the collection, the incorporation of the interaction between the waiter and customer.

The Knives Out Collection

The “Knives Outcollection was inspired by a certain attitude, an attitude of arming and standing tall to withstand unexpected external stimuli. Tak focuses on cultural content and historical garments to enrich her collection. Culturally, the focus lies in the German expressionist era of films. The overall dark and twisted setting, as well as narrative, sets the direction of the collections’ atmosphere. Garment wise the collection borrowed inspiration from a knight’s armor and the dialogue surrounding it; to protect, disobey and rebel.

The eyewear aligns with the collection as a direct translation of this certain attitude. Showing key wounds or scars from knight’s sword dueling fights.

Sneak peek in the atelier…

Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp

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