Dawn Till Dusk

Dawn Till Dusk

Capturing a certain, undefined moment in time and place. Our Dawn Till Dusk-series celebrates all moments in a day. From the early morning when you roll out of bed until the energetic time on the dancefloor of a dimly lit club. Up-close and personal – discover this season’s essential eyewear and watches.

Meet the Jessie

The Jessie Andrews for KOMONO is minimalistic & modern, embodying Andrews’ eye for pushing trends and KOMONO’s sense for contemporary design. Known for creating pieces for the modern woman, Andrews co-designed a pair of sleek sunglasses in a variety of colors.

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Cool, warm and oily…

Our Luminous collection with its gradient oily lenses is an unexpected twist to the Elementary collection. Discover the sporty futuristic make-over of the Ona, Hailey, Sheldon, Conrad, Eli and Sinclair for any moment – from endless beaches to sweaty dancefloors.

The Mono Collection

The Luminous Collection