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FW20 Opticals

FW20 Optical collection

A thoughtful extension to our optical collection, the Fall/Winter 2020 season is all about smart detailing and luxury finishes. With the introduction of six new styles and a range of sophisticated colorways such as Blue Fog, Obscure and Tornado, the collection offers a welcome addition and a fresh take on some of our most beloved styles.

Omar joins the previously introduced Mario, Uma and Jeff with its distinct massive quality and luxury feel, and adds an accessible fit to suit all ages. A young, fresh and more feminine style is introduced with the Gina while the Clark incorporates a masculine, straightforward, timeless approach. These styles are counterbalanced by the atypical, quirky roundness of the Jack. The Robin is an addition to our ultrathin series while the Damien, a carryover from our sun collections, will prove to be an instant classic.

This focus on careful design is nowhere as clear as in the newly introduced Wing Collection. Two of KOMONO’s most celebrated styles, the rounded Dean and soft rectangular Oscar, are adorned with a side wing detail to create a tension and add a bold and edgy counterbalance to these more classic frames. The Dusty completes the collection with a new aviator shape.

FW20 Opticals