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All the bits and pieces left over from production get dyed with natural pigment into a perfect black acetate.

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An all-natural, allergy-free plastic made from plants!

Made from natural and renewable resources like cotton and wood pulp, this organic material decomposes overtime.

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Plastic made from sustainably cultivated, 100% natural castor beans using 45% less fossil fuel then regular plastics.

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Our Nato straps are made from recycled plastic bottles. This process upcycles the bottles and helps to reduce plastics in landfills and our oceans.

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Our other straps are made with different materials such as stainless steel, recycled polyester, leather, ..

Titanium is a light but strong metal that is weather resistant. This material is fully renewable and recyclable.

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Stainless steel is often used for our eyewear and watches, this material is also fully renewable and recyclable.

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We’ve moved away from hard-shell cases and now offer a lightweight and more compact soft pouch for our eyewear.

The pouches are made from recycled plastic bottles.

GRS certified (Global recycled standard)

Our pouch is multifunctional and can also be used as a holder for your cell phone, card, and paper money.

Our design team worked out the best way to use paper to create our watch boxes, making sure we limit our impact on our environment.

Almost entirely made out of paper & is easy to dispose.

FSC certified (responsibly managed forests)

Reusable as watch storage/protection

Both for its products and packaging, we strive to find the right balance between rich design and a minimalist and highly efficient design approach.

We opt for mono materials, which facilitate recycling or reuse at the end of the product lifecycle.

Our design team makes the most out of the raw materials they use, designing to optimize their resources and reduce waste.

We pride ourselves at making the best quality watches and eyewear at an affordable price.

This process involves several partners that help us in achieving this goal. While we do not directly own every part of our production, we do oversee and guide our partners into making sustainable choices.

As we operate in over 70 markets, KOMONO products are transported all over the planet daily.

All these transports – whether large or short distance – contribute to our carbon footprint. Since January 2020, KOMONO’s train and boat shipments are fully carbon neutral thanks to initiatives taken from our partner.

We are still investigating on optimizing our shipments leaving Belgium to our retail partners & end-consumers.

We do not want to have our products end up in landfills and as such we never dump any unsold product.

We believe in enduring classics that can withstand the test of time. A larger part of our collections consists of products that are seasonless and are carried over from one year until the next.

Novelty products are made to order or tested onto the market in small batches as to avoid any overstock.

We also encourage our customers to prolong the longevity of our products. We offer replaceable straps for most of our watches and spare parts for reparation such as screws, nose pads, etc.

KOMONO wants all its creations to find a home – and another one after that.

We already have a well-established end-of-life program with trusted partners to make sure that all its items will be reused.

We also have worked on an upcycling/repurposing program where our unsold optical frames from previous collections are turned into sunglasses.



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