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SS15 - Chasing The Light

For our SS15 Campaign we headed west into the twinkling lights of Los Angeles, California. This is where stars are born. Where pioneers cloak themselves in the business of leisure, and where everything is at the same time breathless and alive. Embed yourself in the icons of the day, both the timeless and the well-timed, and take note of how far you must leap from the ordinary.

We teamed up with L.A. based photographer Aaron Feaver, Sophie Engelen for Hair and Make Up and Deborah Bloemen for the Styling.

The video edit below is created by Mike Bishop. Enjoy.

This season’s collection is inspired by iconic 1960s architect John Lautner (1911 – 1994), a pioneer whose designs are an extension of both the natural environment and the individual.

"Lautner juxtaposes clean structural lines with the organic shapes of the natural surroundings."

His legacy of pushing boundaries combined with a dramatic vision of the future reminds us that the there is vice and vibrancy on the horizon and both are for the taking.

John Lautner was an American architect whose work in Southern California combined progressive engineering with humane design and dramatic space-age flair. The Lautner house is a perfect example of organic architecture that strives to be an extension of both the natural environment and of the individual.

Find your inspiration and become the storyteller.

Inspiration is a frame of mind, and the right frame of mind starts with the perfect frame. KOMONO’s collection takes inspiration from Lautner’s pioneering spirit and iconic designs, but strives to distill its timeless qualities into accessories that act both as an extension of the individual and a reflection of the cultural environment.

Click here to discover our new SS15 collection.

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