Pure Balance


Komono Crafted is a meditation on craftsmanship. It is an exercise in extracting quality goods from quality materials. Crafted is our exploration of attention to detail. It is our vehicle to establish pure balance between form and function. We believe that everything is a sum of its parts and if the parts are premium, then the sum is perfect.

Komono Crafted SS2017 - Aston Champagne.jpg

Architectural vision
Fine Italian acetate, featherweight metal structures and progressive styling are complemented by meticulous construction. Precision hinges, immaculate build quality and crystal clear lenses give the Crafted pieces an architectural quality, reflective of Komono’s commitment to design and style.

Komono Crafted SS2017 - Lulu Tricolore.jpg


Komono Crafted SS2017 - Monroe Purple Rain.jpg

Depth of detail
Every curve, edge, surface and bend is a thoroughly examined detail. Each precision screw, hinge, nose pad and earpiece is a detail that has been painstakingly scrutinized and diligently selected. Komono Crafted is an exercise in detail and no detail has been overlooked.

“The details are not the details; they make the product." — Charles Eames


Komono Crafted SS2017 - Vivien Black Tortoise.jpg

Komono Crafted SS2017 - Luca Black Marble.jpg

Komono Crafted SS2017 - Lulu Ivory Demi.jpg

Komono Crafted SS2017 - Clement Black Tortoise.jpg

Komono Crafted SS2017 - Tailor Black Green.jpg

Komono Crafted SS2017 - Damon Tortoise.jpg